Monday, May 6, 2013

Stones telling about Indian Mythology

Mythical sala fighting with lion to save his Jain guru Sudatta.  Symbol of hoysala empire.  The word "strike" literally translates to "hoy" in Old Kannada, hence the name "Hoy-sala".  There is another version says the animal sala fighting in not lion it is tiger,  the symbol of Chola.   Story behind this statue is still folklore.

Wise Rama is firing an arraw at Vali from behind, while Vali is battling with his brother Sukrivan. Injured Vali asked 'I was fighting with some other person and was not careful enough when you shot me', Ram's Reply: 'how great kings did hunting of deers in the past. In fact, Vali in principle could also be kept in the category of deers and a hunting king does not care whether the deer was careful or not'.  How wise Rama is? 

Details were sculptured so sharply in this one, cutting mark of arrow on the trees, Vali and Sukrivan battle and ram's position from them so finely explained.

Narasimha Avatar by Vishnu to kill demon Hiranyakashipu,  it is one of the 10 notable avatars by Vishnu.  Hiranyakashipu got a boon from Brahma that he can't be killed by a human or by an animal, he can't be killed in day/night, he can't be killed in land or sky and he can't be killed by any weapon.  Narasimha is neither a human nor an animal completely,  Narasimha is half-man/half-lion,  he put Hiranyakashipu in his lap which is neither land nor sky during twilight time and killed him with his claws.   This sculpture depicts the same with all details, a lion headed man killing Hiranyakashipu with his claws by keeping the demon in the lap,  one hand holding chakra to show that the man with lion head is incarnation of Vishnu.   And also Narasimha is making a garland out of Hiranyakashipu intestine.

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