Monday, March 25, 2013

Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple

Lepkashi is a small village located 120KM from Bangalore on the NH7,  this village has the famous Veerabhadra temple built by Vijayanagara kings Viranna and Virupanna 500years ago.   Temple is built on a tortoise shaped hillcock,  main sanctum also has Shiva and Vishnu.

This week my whole gang was ready to explore the lepakshi temple,  myself, arun, thiyagi and sathish left indiranagar around 6AM towards Airport,  right after the devannalli the road became almost empty and scenic is very different from bangalore or any place down south, it was full of rocky mountains and very sparsely populated.   We throttled our speed and was driving on full speed.  Lepakshi is about 70km after devanalli, in no time we have reached the Karnataka-Andra border,  Immediate left after the RTO takes us to the village.  That was my first travel to Andra Pradesh.

Temple is in the middle of the village and there is also a complex with huge rock cut nandhi at the entrance of village.  Temple complex is very huge and surrounded by a small lawn.  Main attraction of the temple is Natya Mandapam (dance hall ) with most finely carved 70 pillars, each pillars has fine sculptures of Siva dance forms, Nandhi, Bhrama, Ramba.  Behind the main sanctum, there is one Kalyana Mandapam (marriage hall),  roof is not completed but the pillar are in place with good carvings.

Lord Shiva in Natraja pose in the Natya Mandapam ( Dance Hall )
Natya Mandapam (Dance hall) 180deg Panoramic

Kalyana Mandapam (Marriage hall) 360 Panoramic
Kalyana Mandapam (Marriage Hall) side view

One of the pillars in Marriage hall

Rockcut Nandhi at the village entrance

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