Thursday, January 31, 2013

Malavika Sarukkai at Yamini 2013

Month of January always reminds Yamini Dusk to Dawn Classical music evening Spic Macay.  I've been attending this event since 2009,  every year our group size is increasing, first time only myself +Arun Kumar Chandarasekaran attended it, we were mesmerized by Nithyashree mahadevan vocal and Shamhavi vaze kathak,  this year our group size was 12.  Yamini is very unique in terms of different events, timing and the ambiance.

Malavika sarukkai light the lamp and started the first program of the evening with pushpanjali dance. then continued with Mareechavatham, she narrated the story beautifully first for few minutes then started the dance, which helped us following each steps and story flow in the dance even without knowing bharathanatyam, narration is the best part, this doesn't happens at many other recitals.
Sita astonished and attracted by bewitching deer

Lord rama can you please catch the deer for me?

Rama asks Lakshmana to good care of sita while he his going to get the deer

Rama goes deep in to the forest chasing the deer

Mareechan in the deer disguise takes Rama  deep into the forest away from his home

After a long chase rama tries to hunt the bewitching deer

Mareechan shows is true face after hit by Rama

Then she continued with 'the parrot song', Tumaka chalatha audience request and then finished the program with vande matharam.  Photo courtesy Yuvaraj.

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