Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Thoughts My Vision My Life - 2

Time seems to exist when no one is around

Why should i suffer by following rules for someone who doesn't even know that there are rules

Money is needed to enjoy my life and to have a good future,  i'm interested in save some but not at the cost of today's happiness

நாங்க கண்டு புடிச்சதை வெளிநாட்டுல சொல்லி இருந்தா வெள்ளை மாளிகைல வச்சு விழா கொண்டாடி இருப்பாங்க... காவ்யாவா இல்ல நானா ரெண்டு பேருக்குள்ள ஒரு மிக பெரிய கொழப்பம் யாரு பெரியவங்கன்னு... ரொம்ப யோசிச்சி ஒரு முடிவுக்கு வந்துட்டோம்... காவ்யா ரெண்டு பேருக்கு அக்கா அனா நான் யாருக்கும் அண்ணா இல்ல.. அதுனால அவ பெரியவ நான் சின்னவன்...  எனக்கு ஏன் தம்பி இல்ல ராஜா சித்தப்பாவத்தான் கேக்கணும்... என்ன கொடுமை சார்

Who should make decisions for me?  it's myself only because i know the needs, capacity and the satisfaction point.

1st Apr 12: Today after a long time i've entered madras railway station, when the train just started all relatives who came to send off their loved ones stared waving, which reminded me about many of my long trips in train.  My first long trip in train and trip to north india was in 2002, i wasn't very prolific in english and i had no idea what is hindi but still my parent allowed me to go to allahabad for my SSB interview.  Important thing is i've never stayed away from home not even for few days without my parents but this time far away and alone for more than a week.  What we call it is guts or desperate times?

Bond between employees and employees empowerment is always powered by bitching the boss

Thank god for giving us wonderful memory, through which i'm reliving the best moments of my life

I don't know lord Shiva exists but i do believe in him in like a child's belief when taking a leap

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