Monday, April 30, 2012

How to name it? I saw god

Most awaited concert started with Bhavatharini singing the Janani Janani song composed by Isaignani, she dedicated that to her mother.  There was some 20 violin musicians seated in the stage, how to name it is based on violin, that increased the expectation even more.  Anil Srinivasan pianist took over the dais to give introduction about each track going to be played, technical insights and some memorable instances,  An expert from the field is taking the dais and some of the great musicians ready to rock, What else can you expect?.  Anil started the introduction with Raja sir's signature tune from Nayagan 'ting ta ting ta ting ti ting' on his piano and with a humble note 'no one can speak about raja sir's composition other than his composition' followed by few other tunes and introduced the first track of the day 'Do anything', even before we realized it is so magical two track was over,  still Rajesh vaidhya did not played a bit, here comes the Anil with some big introduction for someone named Ambi Subramaniam a violinist, in his words 'I entered the recording studio one day, everyone standing outside was taking about the violinist playing inside the studio with great respect and proud,  i wondered who that is and imagined some big figure and entered the studio, i was astonished to see a small kid playing violin' with that introduction a small boy entered the stage with a violin and the track going to be played is 'How to name it?' the title track itself,  everyone puzzled, is he going to play the title track which can make even some of the great violinist run for their money.  Ambi silently took his violin, tuned it and gave signal that he his ready,  with lot of expectation and questions around "how to name it?" started,  this track contains both violin and veenai parts in it, so Ambi and Rajesh Vaidhya had their chances to show what they can to with the strings,  with in few seconds only Ambi answered all the question everyone had in their minds, he was so elegant with the violin, he swayed away everyone with the beauty of the violin.  It was like a summer rain, a cold breeze in the hot summer.

Followed by Study of Violin,  which is mix of two different melodies from Indian Classical and Western Classical synced together, Ambi played one melody and another melody was played by Aditya Ganesh another youngster on the stage just 15 years old.  Followed by 'Mad Mod Mood Fugue', Anil gave some information about the what is fugue,  a fugue is a compositional technique in two or more voices, built on a subject that is introduced at the beginning in imitation and recurs frequently in the course of the composition,  Anil said he could count only 6 such voices in the 'Mad Mod Mood Fugue', only the Raja sir can say how many such different voices exist in that track,  very soon two violin started playing different melody, then joins the Brass, drums, keyboard, cello, violin orchestra they all are playing together but different songs, some plays very melody but others are at high tempo but still it was nice treat to ears, it was like 'cold breeze, tornado, heavy rain, drizzle, thunder storm, hot sun, moon light attacks you at the same time yet feel pleasant', one of the best track ever.  With technical details walkthrough, all the tracks were performed and all done, then only people came back to their conscious, Magic of Raja sir's music took all of us to a different world, i've never seen such a crowd, all were tied to their seats for the complete 90 mins, i've been to many concerts, were people used to come after the concerts start and they go for break in between but for this concert everyone came before the start, settled and waited very calmly and nobody moved a inch until it ends, such an amazing crowd, it also shows how they loved the music and how devoted they are to Raja sir.

The most awaited celebrity of the day Ilaiyaraaja was asked to come on the stage, though i don't believe in multi god worship but i do believe in multi gods when it comes to the world of music, certainly Raja sir is one of them, my heart was bouncing in joy to see him in such a close distance, the legend who took the music to next level, i'm seeing him live, wow what a moment.  He was asked how he composed these tracks and what was running in his minds, Raja sir's reply is simple "Music should happen, it should not be planned, if it is planned from what we know it will be limited to the boundaries of what we know", in between Anil mentioned Raja sir's favorite Ragam is Kalyani since he used that in most of the songs and they come out well, Raja sir countered gave short story to explain how a singers talent varies the songs so every tune get its color based on not only the raagam but also the singers variations.  Everyone started pleading for a song from Raja sir, initially he refused but later in few mins he gave a start to a song called "sada sada unnai ninaindhu" with little bit of veenai support from Rajesh,  it was a great treat for everyone.  When asked how he imagined and used  indian classical in this album 'Thiyagaraja rhythms are not only for Bhajans, when he composed them he was at his late 20's,  so if you ask me to use thiyagaraja keerthanai it will come out as light music only'.  Raja sir concluded his speech by pointing out some commonality between him and Johann Sebastian Bach,  like how they fought in their early life even to go for the concert they liked and the relationship between their elder brother,  In initial days life of Raja sir's, he was not allowed even to touch the harmonium which his elder brother  had, even he was beaten sometimes but the harmonium which he posses today is his brother's same harmonium and also he said 'music has no boundaries like Western, Indian or any'

I always used to think to say food tastes good or bad you don't need to know how to cook which may be correct for cooking but not for music without basic knowledge about music we might miss  little little beauty in the music,  which Anil and Raja sir's insight explanation about the tracks proved to me.  It doesn't mean i'm going to learn music but atleast listen to experts review and advices to understand music better.  Definitely How to name it? is going to be a chapter in the history of music by sincere devote of  Isaignani.

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