Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mallalli Falls, Coorg - Our Chartered falls

This August Myself, Yuva, Anand anna, Bharani and Kavya planned a trip to Coorg, I've been there many times and been to most the common tourist spots like Abbey falls, Golden Temple, Chellavra falls etc., many times, We want to goto some place we have never visited, did some search and found the few good falls. Mallalli falls is one of the biggest and beautiful falls, we decided to go to this falls, Collected some infos how to reach, how long we have to walk to reach the falls, how it will be in the monsoon season.

August 22, We have started from Prakruth Homestay near by Harangi Dam and took Kushal nagar->Somvarpet->Mallalli Falls route.  It was some 55km drive, we have crossed one golf course on the way and spent sometime there, 11km drive after somvarpet was really good, road condition was good too,  we have to take right on Kalahalli Road to go to falls only that road was bad, that road is used only by Mallalli Villagers and tourists, after a point only jeep can go in that road, so we have parked our car there and made sure it will not block the way for others and started walking.  From the parking place to falls in was nearly 2kms.

                                                                                      Trail taken us to the top of the falls after few ups and downs, Mallalli falls was majestic, it is in the middle of thick forest surrounded by big mountains and important thing is place was not polluted and crowded, infact there was no one on that area that day, it was our chartered falls that day.

                                                                                  Mallalli is multi-stage water falls and it goes deep it to the forest, there is one trail which goes to the bottom of the falls, We decided to go to the bottom of the falls, We had lot of time left for the day and we decided to spend some good time there.  After trekked down for some 30 mins we have reached the bottom,  nature at its best.  Drizzle from the water falls can felt even from some 200 meters, it was just amazing as we get closer we were almost drenched by the drizzle.

There is no shops/restaurants near by that place, it is always recommend to carry food, this is the case in most of the places we went.

On our way back we inquired few peoples who are going to mallalli village about this place and how many tourist comes here, they said normally on weekend few hundred people comes to this mallalli falls,  Mallalli falls is not quite famous may be becauase it is little far form madikeri.

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