Thursday, August 18, 2011

Koodlu Theertha Falls Trek - A Thrilling Experience

Sitanadi Starting point
Koodlu theertha falls is the starting point of sitanadi river,  We came to know about this trek from one guy in Sitanadi Nature Camp near hebri last year, we were planning to do this trek from then.  This season myself and santhosh were on bike trip around that area, so we have decided to go for this trek too.  Sunday 14th morning we have visited Udupi and started to Hebri via Manipal, right after sitanadi nature camp we took right and from that right the trek starting point is around 15kms.

On the way to Koodlu Theertha falls
There were few villages on the that road,  view was just amazing, rubber plantation and lush green grass on the both the sides of the road.  We have spotted few peacocks with full feather on the road, this is the first time i've seen a peacock out of cage.

After few kilometers road condition went really bad, it took nearly 1hr for us to cross just few kms, due to heavy rains most of the road were washed away and all the stones came out, here and there small streams crossing the road, which also damaged the road heavily, it gave good test to our driving skills.

                                                                                    Finally we have reached the trek starting point, few tourist vehicles were standing there, we thought of parking our bike there but one local person said, bikes can go beyond that point for few kilometers,  we didn't even asked for the road condition and went ahead.  We have to cross small bridge constructed over sitanadi, only two wheelers can cross bridge, bridge is hardly 3feet wide, that is why all four wheelers are stopped before that. Even the bridge railings are green in color due to continuous rain.

One of the wildest drive
 After crossing the bridge only we realized the road is dangerous to drive bikes, road was full of mud and very steep at some place, we didn't want to take risk so parked the bike on side by and started walking.  In most of the blogs it is written as people will easily get lost in the trek path,  many took wrong directions and went some where else instead of koodlu falls and wasted time in wrong directions,  right after we started walking the road divided into two, left one was normal road and right one was kind of muddy and small trail and there is no sign board also,  we stood there for a while and waited for someone to come but nobody turned up,  mean while we asked many questions to our-self 'where the others would have gone, if they have taken the right then we should be able to see some foot print but there is none,  local person said we can take the bike for few kilometers its because of the left side normal road?',   we both walked in the both directions for some distance and on the muddy road we found some bike tyre impression, some footprints also and more over the stream we crossed is coming form right hand side, so we took the right side road with little bit of doubt.   We both were taking about something and started walking,  we saw a small wooden bridge laid to cross one of the stream but water in the stream was less  so we just walked on the stream but it gave an impression that there are some people use this trail regularly.

                                                                                                                                                                               Few more distance passed we started hearing a water falls sound, the sound was very high, we thought we have reached falls and we have concluded that we took the right direction, unfortunately it was not koodlu falls it is again a stream.   We have crossed many such situations but not reached the destination and the trail is going very deep in the forest and getting wild,  Santhosh was telling we might have choose the wrong route, we will go back and try the other route but i was insisting we will continue on this trail whether it is right or wrong route since it is very good and thrilling, we will go till end of the tail  or atleast till meet someone.  I've started walking fast and to find the end of the trail if we are wrong path it will help us save sometime,  after few distance i could not see santhosh and i didn't wait for him just continued,  after one steep i was able to see a big mountain, three falls in the mountain, and a village,  my heart started bouncing in joy for both falls and we choose the right path,   started shouting we are on right path to inform santhosh.

One of the three falls
In few mins santhosh also joined me, we both walked towards the village,  someone the from the village guided us to the left most falls among the three and saying it is good and right most is not at all possible to reach but that is the big and wide falls,  we took the trail goes to left most falls,  at a point we have to cross a stream which is coming from the falls, force of the stream is high and deep, there is no bridge also like the one we saw before and we spent sometime to find path, at one place i've almost crossed the stream but next step was very deep, even the stick we had immersed completely,  so we decided to go the next falls.
Stream which came as villain
Suddenly atmosphere completely changed just like a scene comes  in few movies when 'the hero was hit by villain the whole dry atmosphere will turn into dark clouds, lightning and thunders' same thing happened,  within few seconds the whole place is covered by dark clouds and started raining heavily,  we covered ourself at started towards next falls,  while crossing the village we saw two apache bikes standing, someone drove the bikes in these conditions too, wondered how they will go back,  in some distance there were four guys standing and we confirmed they are the ones who came in that two bikes from mangalore,  they tried to goto the other falls and failed, so second one is also not possible.   We waited there for sometime and decided to go back instead of wasting time.  Its good that we didn't crossed the stream, because of the rain water stream is increasing very fast.
Falls faded away and dark clouds covered in few mins
While coming back  i was feeling something itching in my leg,  yes it was leeches,  four leeches got settled on my leg and drinking my blood,  kicked them and we searched our bodies i found two more and santhosh found few on him, we changed our clothes as precaution.   Just wondered how long they are on us and were they caught us and found right after the rain there were many leeches crossing the trails along with water, even if we stop to take some snaps they are climbing on us, so put the camera back into the pack and started non stop walk to the bike.   While coming back few bunch of people were going to falls, we told them it was not possible to reach even before rain but everyone is like us they want to experience by themselves.

We came back saying we will definitely explore you in the right season,  tough were are not able to reach the bottom of the falls, it was a nice trek, experienced dynamic climate change, deep forest and not to forgot the adventure of finding tracks and leeches.

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