Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forcing is a way to develop?

Recently Kannada Development Authority recommended state government saying "If you are new to Bangalore and dreaming of settling down here, you will have to pass the Std VII exam in less than one year and prove that you can read and write Kannada."  in order to develop language and to get respect.  While reading this news something stricken my mind of my school days.  In our school system we have to mandatory study few subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.  Out of all subjects i had interest only in Mathematics, may be the way it was thought to me created interest or it is that i was able to understand maths better than other subjects, chemistry and physics i had no interest to study but it was forced on me, to goto next grade i have to pass in these subjects too, what i did just before the exams mugged up the books, vomited on the paper and forgot what i mugged up after exam, slowly i started hating the forced subjects though they are good.  After school education i choose mathematics as my specialization in degree which is influenced by my interest and the hate feeling i had toward other subjects because it was forced without try to create interest in it.  I'm pretty sure all us choose our specialization because of the same reason.  Same thing will happen to Kannada also if it is simply forced to learn without making interest.  I've never seen any real movement to create interest in language and culture in the last few years in bangalore.

Blaming the people for showing interest in foreign language is unnecessary, many of us learned foreign language(s) is not by interest it was by necessity to compete with other indians/countries to grab jobs.  Tough i know english, when ever there is possible i give preference to my mother tongue.  One question we should ask ourself is what ever we leaned so far is for knowledge or for job?  That answer will clarify most of our knowledge hunt is driven by need basis not by interest but reading poems, books, religion stuffs are interest driven.   So forcing a language or culture just for its beauty will not work, it should be driven by interest.

Few question to KDA,  Forcing something on peoples of world largest democracy country is democratic? What was done so far to create interest among public to learn the language?

Learning the local language is always helpful but we can't achieve anything by forcing people and it might provoke negative impact.

You can ask creating interest will solve the problem and everyone will learn kannada?  To some extent only, who ever inspired they will not stop at 7th standard and atleast it will not create any negative impact, We can't create interest in language/force it on few people like me :)

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  1. The most important point here is the kannada cine industry. It is called "sandalwood" and i wonder if they release any movies in kannada... If they have good movies atleast we can learn the language to watch those... :) lol..jk... no offense...