Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White water rafting in Rishikesh

Started to rishikesh in qualis by 8am from haridwar, first we visited laxman jhula, view from the hanging was really superb, spent some time there and then myself and Anand Anna left for the white water rafting and our parents continued temple visits.

We have booked a 16km rafting from shivpuri to rishikesh, by 12 pm we boarded in to boat at shivpuri after set of instructions like how to hold pedal, what to do in rapids by trainer, in total we were four myself, anna and a couple instead of normal group size 8, there were 9 rapids in whole ride from 0 to class 5, rafting started with a rapid it was so nice and freezing water splashed in our faces it was awesome, after few distance class 5 second rapid came, as soon as we entered the rapid our boat started shaking heavily myself and Anna hold the rope and pedal in each hands, in middle I heard a big sound and I didn't care to look back, after the rapid is over I turned back, OMG! That girl is bleeding badly from nose, one of that pair didn't hold the pedal and it banged her nose, there was no medic kit in the boat, one of the instructor and her friend holder her nose, myself and Anna rowing the boat as fast as we could to find a camp to get first aid, luckily we found a camp nearby and we stopped the boat there to get first aid, with in few mins they arranged a drive to hospital, from the blood loss I'm sure it would have hurt-ted her badly even at the time she is not tensed or crying all she worried about was her mother will get scared, after few mins one instructor came back and pushed the boat into the water and asked us to jump-in, what's going on said to ourself, he said girl will be fine they left to hospital let's continue, with little hesitation and confusion we continued the ride, instructor 'nothing to worry three will be fine', now the thrill and adventure ride is slightly covered with scary, after few rapids we came back to normal, our package includes rafting, body surfing and Cliff jumping but we didn't do surfing and jumping.

After some distance we saw no rocks in the rivers best place to dive into the water, we jumped in to the water by holding the side ropes, wow water is so pure and chill, we couldn't keep ourselves for long in the freezing water, the whole ride gave us lot of thrills and amazing views, we took break at one point, took few snaps and continued the rafting, near lakshaman jhula the river widens so the rapids and flow is little less and wind was in opp., direction literally we both struggled to row the boat for a km.,  at end we met the other instructor, he said it took ten stitches to cover her cut in the nose,  really bad. 

Overall it was a very memorable rafting in all perspective.

Along the side of ganga there were many camps setup, most of the camps were near to rapids, water splashing sound were awesome in the camps site, we decided to come here again with our age gang and stay in those camps site. So we inquired few best camps and took their contacts.

Best season to do river rafting in rishikesh is between sep to oct.

River Rafting Contact:
Hide Aways Adventure,
Pradeep: 09997147618/09456739092
Deepak : 0997276408/09411338307
email: bhanpradeep@gmail.com / rishdeepbadoni@gmail.com
Site: www.raftingindiaholidays.com


  1. Rishikesh is most religious place in India. River rafting in rishikesh is also popular in north India. and thanks you guys for sharing with us your rafting experience.

  2. Rishikesh is a holy city for Hindus located in the foothills of the Himalaya known for River rafting in rishiksh

  3. Very well written.. Thanks for putting in the effort to promote rishikesh rafting industry.

  4. Rishikesh is a very popular spot for rafting and other adventure activities. Every year, thousands of tourists gather to the World Capital of Yoga, to find their lost spirits, and dwell in the lap of nature.It is also famous for camping and bungee jumping in India.

  5. River rafting is already the favorite water sport for the adventure junkies. ... There are many rafting spots in Rishikesh where the rafters can have some of the best fun they ever ...

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