Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fall in love with Roja

Yesterday i watched Mainrathnam's Roja movie again,  venky bought the DVD from PlanetM.   This time the feel was different,  Roja's character is amazing in the movie.
In scenes like, Roja showing angry with Rishi for rejecting her sister and married her, but the truth is Rishi was rejected by roja's sister because she loves someone else and rishi's decision only made her love into reality.   When Roja comes to know about the truth the way she changes herself and the dialogues in that scene is really good.

Rishi goes to kashmir to help army to decode a message and army agrees to give full protection for him in kashmir.

After rishi got kidnapped by terrorist, they way she runs behind the car and explaining everything to the police even though she don't know local language hindi.

Rishi is kidnapped by terrorist and terrorist gave death threat for rishi if govt. will not release wasim terrorist leader,  Roja is from small village not aware the situation in Kashimir, not aware of what is going on, not able to understand the language they speak, she never cries instead makes her mind very strong and fights hard to get rishi back

Fighting with Colonel Rayappa, We lost many commandos while catching the wasim if we release in exchange for rishi everything will go waste and after release wasim will kill many more innocent people, she listens everything and finally says if the terrorist captured a minister son/daughter will you say the same thing?

Government agrees to release wasim and Rayappa convey the message to Roja "I'm very happy, you will get your husband, politicians will get good name by getting a scientist back, i'm very happy, captured wasim after hard work he will bye bye leave, very happy, 15 army men died while arresting wasim now everything going waste, very happy, Wasim will go out and kill many more people, very happy"   Roja understands emotions of Rayappa at the same she could not leave her love

At the end Rishi managed to escape from terrorist and reaches the safe hands, Roja got her love back and Wasim is in the hands of Army.  Both Roja and Rayyapa wishes fulfilled.

Roja characterization is very strong in the moive from innocent village girl to strong women at the end, the way her character explained in the movie is wonderful, hats off to Manirathnam sir for giving such a wonderful movie and a good start to A.R. Rahman in the movie.

Did anyone noticed this in the movie,  Telephone manipol song from indian movie came as a BGM in Roja.  When Rishi goes to see Roja's sisters in village it comes


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