Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maiden bike trip to Shivanasamudra

Oct 11 2008: Finally the time came i've decided to buy Yamaha R15 bike and Arun just bought his TVS apache. Oct 10th evening i got my bike delivered, 11th morning 6'O clock myself in my bike, Arun and Thiyagi in TVS apache started our journey at 40 kmph :)

Our plan is to do river rafting in Bheemeshwari, we took the path Bangalore->Kanakapura->Cauvery Fishing Camp, some how we managed to reach the camp by 10 AM, there comes our villan all river rafting slots are full, no way to squeezes ourself on the raft after 4 hour journey on the awful roads. We had no plan B, we don't know where to go now. Someone in the fishing camp suggested Mutthathi and Shivanasamudra were we can find some breakfast and scenic spots.

Thiyagi went to shivanamaudra one week back only, he suggested that falls. We kicked our bikes towards shivanasamudra falls, we saw one tender coconut shop that is our breakfast and lunch too :( There are two spots in sivanasamudram (Gaganachuki, Bharachuki). First we went to Gaganachuki, woooow what a falls, very nice view from the opposite mountain top, we spent some time there.

Then started to Bharachuki, we walked down to bottom of the falls and took bath for hours in one of the falls drop. Then the took the coracle ride to the main falls, it was pleasant and dangerous too, especially when they rotate the boat at very high speed on the 60feet deep water.

Around 5PM we started back to bangalore from shivanasamudra, In one small village we had coffee and snacks, after that i started first, arun and thiyagi followed me, after sometime there was no sign of them i slow downed my speed suddenly one jeep over took me at very fast speed and blocked my way, two villagers get down from that jeep shouting in kannada and took my bike key i was shocked and not getting what they are saying, after few mins my friends bike came and arun started talking with them and he gave Rs.300 to them then they gave back the key and went. Arun started explaining the whole story, thiyagi started driving the bike after coffee, he ran over a chicken in that village and waited for sometime for the owner to come nobody turned up, so they started from there, after sometime they realized it and started chasing us. Only one thing still i don't get is villagers crossed my friends bike and drove few kms and blocked my bike, even though i was not in the scene :(

After all this confusion again we started, it was pitch dark, no lights on the road and rain also started.

Arun: Don't stop the bike even if someone ask for lift
Thiyagi: Don't top the bike even if someone need help like, bike repair
Siva: Why?
Arun: they may rob us
Siva: Okay

(paranoia about everything around us)

It was around 9PM we are still 60 kms far from bangalore, we are started feeling some what secured. Heavy rain started no were to hide, riding in the heavy rain after few kilometers we spot a community hall, parked the bikes nearby and went to find some place to hide, one marriage is going on, biriyani smell is all over the place (someone inside our mind saying no proper food since morning, don't feel shy go inside :D), we controlled our emotions, waited for the rain to stop and we kicked the bikes again but this time break the rule of 40kms zipped our bike to the max in no time we reached BTM layout and entered Dominos for dinner, every in the dominos gave a very odd look at us, we were completely drenched and our trousers covered with mud, we never bothered about the look, we want only food... food... food...

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  1. Sooper. Good Idea...
    Nammaloda yella tripayum onu onna...

  2. Cool buddy... keep posting more... :)

  3. intersting...really nice to read

  4. Andha naal ngyabaham vandade, nanbane, nanbane.. kalakkura siva. Keep up...

  5. Hey nice , the force of the falls has to appreciated , we saw two rainbows at the same time :)